Monday, September 04, 2006

Do you mind cutting the thread?

If you can have me all, but you don´t know what you want from me.
If it´s a threat to wait, if it´s out of your path.
Do you mind cutting the thread?
These are singular days with you
But singular waste if you wish
And don´t make me stare at the scene
Letting it break on one´s side
I´ll be gone if it feels...right.

Not again if you trice
Not a loss if it´s worthwhile
Is it real fondness that you spread
If it´s not sure, do you mind
If you´re not for, do you mind
Cutting the thread?

Cause it might end under the sea
And if it does, pardon me
But I´ve tried

I´d risk a fluke not a distress
Some kind of ground in emptiness
But will it all turn to tiredness
Cause if so
We shall mind cutting the thread.

Kate Polladsky

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