Monday, June 23, 2008

I´m suspicious that I never knew you
I´m surprised that you never knew me
After all these years…
Of your music on my ears…
Wouldn´t make me dance a different dance
Wouldn´t embrace my soul to a sweeter song
Something I always expected from you
Isn´t something that would ever come true
But I´m a dreamer, you know
And as a dreamer I´m supposed to be disappointed
What I see is that we´re less than we ever wanted to be
I wanted to be free in your freedom
In which other way could you free me,
But locking me inside yourself?
I hope we´ll meet in some years from now
In the same house, in the same life
And maybe fall in love again, somehow
Because, it´s strange…
I fix your life and need fix on mine
Who´s there for me?
I´m not a fulltime raise
I´m not a fulltime shine
I raise up like the sun,
But go down on the line
Where my horizon sleeps
For a new day to start
Though I start to get tired…
And move my steps more slowly
If I don’t´ settle down with you
I´ll lay down on my own
Anywhere I belong
With my hurts and healings
Suspicious that I knew enough of you
Surprised, for knowing myself too.


Monday, June 16, 2008

I´m great, it´s just a little bit of me
That dies every single day
It´s just a piece of me that slips away from here
I´m fine, just a few steps walking out of line
Or a chanson triste playing out of time
I´m a role of the sweetest kind
With story that some would mind
And I´d mind to forget
Every lonely other has got a match
I´m matching myself with someone I never met
Is this for real, really, it´s the best I can get
I´m super, lonely hoper or per minute smoker
Who makes no fire, who sets no flame on the man of her life
I´m good, better than the last time.
I´m on the worst side
Of this town, which for reasons they don’t understand
Brings me down
But still is warm and open
Like my heart, it grows older
And easies no pain
But I´m great, just noticed
It´s a little bit of you on my soaked ways
It´s break of me on your everyday
That dies or does no good
When it rains I sing
And seem to pass you by
As simple as it seems, a lullaby
I´m doing miracles on my own
Is my god left in stand by
Working hard on my comical judgment
Is loneliness a kind of entertainment
I just wanted to make it clear
That I´m not sad
Just not happy, you see
I´m great, I´m fine
Ironically a good way to sign

Kate Polladsky

Friday, June 13, 2008

She´s got a deal with perfection
Hey won´t you crack my bones
Into one body or many ones
Then come take care of me
And mend horizons to see
I traced a line on the sand
Will your steps head to my sea
She´s got the right over my heart
And broke all the laws the world has made
Called up the shine all over
Made the dark of a man´s life fade
She´s got the taste of a candy
Sweets me, soothes me, melts me inside
Set my pattern to follow
Lays in my arms as a bride
She´s got a problem to solve
Can´t absolutely deny
Won´t get rid of my love any sooner
Just tight up her destiny to mine.

Kate Polladsky

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eu sinto por mim. E sinto que sim, é assim que me sinto...
Sou um pouco Fleur e um pouco Lis
Mas para eu ser Lispector me faltou um triz.

Kate Polaldsky

Saudade é um pouco como fome. Só passa quando se come a presença. Mas às vezes a saudade é tão profunda que a presença é pouco: quer-se absorver a outra pessoa toda. Essa vontade de um ser o outro para uma unificação inteira é um dos sentimentos mais urgentes que se tem na vida.

Clarice Lispector

Monday, June 09, 2008

Would it be a pure sense of crazyness
I want to drive against my worries and loneliness
Crash my confusions make things lose ground
To fake could work to feel could solve
Could I have any chances with the one I love
If only my life hadn´t so many lines
If only my world hadn´t so many lies
I´d lay around anywhere that moved me on
But for now, I´m turning into myself
Though Im always on the verge of yourself
It makes me wonder how many ways are gone
And how many times I thought I was done
Restarting like a loser, always like I´m older
But never leave my wannabe skin
Nothing really makes my head spin
I stick to my everyday smile
And you still belongs to my self steem
I like to say so
You still belong to my self steem


Thursday, June 05, 2008

Não sei que parte de mim pensa em mim
De tanto que me existo, me desisto, me resisto.
E insisto em não pôr fim ao cíclico estado de mal estados de mim
É algo tão profundo que me cobre e me sufoca
Morrer soterrada em minhas próprias cenas de terror
Dentre elas, talvez todas elas amor.
Quando não tenho a quem questionar, apenas me pergunto.
E como quando tenho a quem questionar, resposta alguma me vem.
Um vão, que são vários pedaços esvoaçantes da minha pessoa.
Liberdade que me diz respeito, apenas em pedaços, nunca eu esvoaçante por inteiro.
O desastre me acontece, eu o próprio desastre, aconteço sem fatos.
E como é rica essa natureza de ser e não ser
Ou ter e não possuir
Perder o que nunca se teve. A isto me atrevo, tem sobras no coração as quais não me desfaço, ou pior, não as refaço, simplesmente porque não depende de mim.
E aí, choro ou morro?
Apenas protagonizo. Vidas e risos. É para isso que estamos aqui. Para tentar ser o que queremos, e tentar não lembrar do que não somos.
É apenas complicado demais humanizar a si mesmo
Por isso quase todos desistimos
Quer por falta de forças ou estímulo
Eu não sei de que forma me pensar
Mas como qualquer um, gostaria que pensassem em mim.
Que seja a parte pensante, a que me falta.
A que não me faz falta, enfim.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

I´m looking for a heart, and a home

Looking forward that both are one

And I´m not just me, mess, meaninless me alone

Don´t want a projected life, a reproduced life, a copied life

But I want a lived life with leading signs of happiness

With some more people than I counted

With no leavings and aparts

Just a lover and a loved,

Nothing coming from Mars

Peaceful times that we amounted

Wanting the snow and my Santa Claus

Not this chorus on my everyday

Repeating days repeating days

When we cannot repeat life

We cannot repeat the times anyways

Willing to go but bringing my roots

Making my way

Dreaming if I may

My own ground under my foot

Our own sound to remember

To be ourselves the message not the senders

And make castles with the sand on the beach

Cross fingers, fate and feathers

Fall for the same tears and lie in the same ditch

Smooth the same bed and fly to the same world

Still be back for breakfast

And break no heart

Just stamp a mark

From life together, love.

Kate Polladsky