Thursday, November 30, 2006

O primeiro vão:
Eles não vão entender
O segundo vão:
Eles não vão fazer diferença
O derradeiro vão:
Vão se f...

Negativistas os vãos
E sempre cabem muito em si
À beira do vão
Eu vou...
Não foi em vão
Eu fui.

Kate Polladsky

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I don´t feet your shoes...
But now I walk with you
Leave your marks while smoothing my way
I rewind all that Im used to
So hardly lived, still feels new
To make me whole or tear me in two

Those wild dreams and lullabies to sleep
Just lay back and fall
Will sing them from here
you know my sweet they´re all I´ve got

And so you hint in love
You have told me, then I´m aware
Very unlikely though that I feel it
But do I sink your shore
You´re striking us back
Hope to know what for
As you give me some
I give you more

Sometimes to miss it
Sometimes to score...

Kate Polladsky

Monday, November 20, 2006

Find a man that call you “beautiful” instead of “hot”
That call you back when you hang up on him
That lies under the stars and listen to your heartbeats
That stays awake just to watch you sleeping
Expect a man that kisses you on the forehead
That wishes to show you to everyone even when you’re sweaty
That joins you to watch a romance even if his favorite is horror movie
That holds your hand in front of his friends
Find a man that finds you the most beautiful woman even when you’re wearing no make up
That insists holding you by the waist
That holds you unexpectedly in front of everyone
That reminds you constantly of how much he cares about you and how lucky he is for being by your side
Expect a man that surely is expecting you
That corresponds your attitudes towards him
That turns to his friends and say: It’s her!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The letter for the deleted

I don´t know what part of me didn´t forgive
But I didn´t forgive
I regular days of my life I´d to
But I decided to play the high pride game
Teeth by teeth and we´re nule
I don´t care
Unless you touch me in
You think you almost hit me
You think you´re god or something?
You didn´t convince me at all
Not in a single moment
Live with this, I don´t trust ya
And I owe you nothing
You fooled me, didn´t you?
You offended me didn´t you?
You sold your self deffence didn´t you?
So man, ain´t of my business
Burn in your own words
Don´t take my time with silliness again
Won´t forgive and that´s it.

Kate Polladsky