Friday, February 29, 2008

I know you´d pretend to understand
To be the best front in front of me
But would you care of my roads
Me passing up the chances for fear
Giving up on myself like fake gold
Rising anger for the one she holds
Being polite - call her dear
Inside she lacks the room for real
I know you´ll act sweet and nice
You´ll mean something to me with time
Not an unusual thing to experience
I´ll seem to melt at you like ice
Convenience it´s the best way to go
Go alone or go along with
I´ll go out and enjoy
Passing by the outgoings
Im out, going on like a coy
But if you meet me, speak
Damn, you are too pretty to see
It´s getting my eyes tired and addicted
I´m just to afraid to predict it
That you don´t belong here
And I can´t follow your steps
And you´ll take long to be back
Or I´d rather think you had never been here
I´d like to read what you read
Compare the lines, line you in my life
It´s worth it starting from the colour of your eyes
Until my regular days are done
And they become better
An endless song will play
My loses will turn into gains
And I´ll have you as a weather
That never never rains.

Kate Polladsky

Sou parcialmente coberto pela vontade de viver
Imparcial ao remoto tempo em que pertencia a alguém
Hoje é fácil ser ontem
Sem segredos, sei de tudo que passei
Um dia o sol dormirá sem pesadelos
E anoitecerá um fim para todos
Eu ermo, sem cor nem sentido
Sei que ergo-me sem ajuda e sem medo
Sou correto aos erros que persistem
E dôo coragem áquele de mim desiste
Me calo sempre que tenho razão,
Que é dar voz à verdade do coração
Sou uma força qualquer, platônica, mas que existe
Ser inócuo, intenso, que não descansa em berço
E não vê o mesmo horizonte que tu viste
Certamente sou pouco, que é mais que suficiente
Não me movo pela ânsia de ter, engolir os outros, ter.
Mais. Sou parcialmente coberto pela vontade de viver

Kate Polladsky

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Te quis como criado mudo
Do meu lado, o lado do muro mais perto
O mundo mais fácil, o não meio certo

Queria minhas artérias explodir de felicidade
Te ver na esquina, ou não te ver e morrer
Em saudade
Em séculos de prantos
Palavras sem rima, significados
O reto caminho para casa de todos os dias
E os tráfegos reduzidos a trechos
Das canções que eu cantei com você
Agora pronto, os prantos
Séculos secos e áridos
Porque te sequei de mim
Lágrimas assim não valem
Mas velam o amor que eu tinha, fim.

Te quis como possibilidade
De verdade, uma salvação da dor
meu cantinho pra cair morto
ao sul do Equador
E viver pra sempre
A saída mais simples
O alívio imediato
O distanciamento mais próximo que tive
E quando estive no centro, nas mesas, nas lojas
Você no meio, entre gentes, a gente não pertencia a mais ninguém

Só um dia, talvez você acorde
E não esteja tão longe comigo
Mas esteja tão perto do que sempre teve
Que não te interesse mais e me procure
E que me ache, perplexo e contente
Com o que o tempo me fez
Me desfez de você, com discrição
E passei despercebido de tudo
Os mesmos sons eu seu cantar sozinho
Só a letra que não me cabe mais
Haverão coisas suas em mim que ninguém tira
Mas haverá também as que você não traz.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're probably on your way back to your hometown
Do you think of me as much as I do think of you now?
I caught myself in doubts, all the time
I´m afraid of yesterday´s darkness, today I´m working hard after some light
That you could be a little more joy in my life
That we´ll see where leads the time
But already crazy to meet you
Find out what I haven´t noticed before
When I was so distracted and glad
Not stuck in pain and hopes
I sit here and wait, invent reasons why you´re away
Not a line that you dropped to say
That you haven´t forgot me
And missed my funny way
Of speaking, of thinking of being
I´m nearly absolutely sure that I want you
As much as I just wanted to be alone one day
I got the same routine of always
You know my schedules, plans, names
With my heart on your hands
You can onboard it or leave it
I prefer that you keep it
Safe and warm across the waves

kate polladsky

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Specially disaster
It was all then it was nothing
The weather of the better world
The silly is the clever one
Give a second chance to the woman walk alone
Specially disaster
Church is chain, a pain killer for the sin
Hotter soil with all the cars in between
Your child is crying, mama
Loser, up your chin
Oh but it´s easier for the richer
Poor my cat that´s out of milk

There´s a heart and I heard
That is weaker than the hands
Building higher above our heads
Covering the view of the birds
It´s specially a disaster
That our house ain´t no home
All our saving are now gone
Your father taught you about life
And life took a way, father
That allows no return

While I sing, silent dreams
Are shapping tears in their eyes
Their angel are no guards
The open doors lead to wars
That we don´t know how to end
It´s when walls close in
And I unknown myself in me
Everyone knows heaven is cheap to buy
We call them crazy
And your mom just said good bye
Specially disaster
Cheers!One person every 2 seconds needlessly dies.

Kate Polladsky

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It might have been just the sun
But was so clear
Paradise is the place far, the one by your side
Is all that life will hide away from your arms
But this time, it was so right
When destiny met time
I wonder where you´ve been
Maybe you were made for me
´Cause if it came by chance
Then it was meant to be...

My heart ain´t no stalker
It´s been just beating out of line
Nobody explains when heaven is lost in one´s eyes
Yours crossed the ocean, and simply led to mine
It´s marked and photographed
My hapiness is part of your skin
Of your hair in the wind
Of the talks and the smiles
It will go on until I´m there
Soon standing by your door
Here from the other side
It´s just sweet to remember
And live that all over again

In my thoughts you´re like the waves
Swings away my days inside a broken narrow boat
See, the island is coming closer
I try to meet your feelings while you stay
Now I´m just a wonder
All this happening and I´m not afraid
Suspicious and believer
That soon we´ll know where it takes
You and I, might be passionate stranges with a taste...

Kate Polladsky

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life is moving on
Better and not perfect
Sweet and sober
With some burned sides
Days aren´t to hold her
Deeper and colder
When days aren´t sometimes
Light as a paper
Hopeful as a peace sign
Grounded as the steps of a wise man
Simply moving on with life
Smiling while one cries
That´s moving on tries
Losing to win
Winding Toulouse
On winter time
A summer bird flies
Glorious and silent
On and under
Over all is life
That stops when it has to start
Moves out from the sky a star
It takes space and deserves no shine
Moves on somebody´s life...

Kate Polladsky