Monday, November 13, 2006

The letter for the deleted

I don´t know what part of me didn´t forgive
But I didn´t forgive
I regular days of my life I´d to
But I decided to play the high pride game
Teeth by teeth and we´re nule
I don´t care
Unless you touch me in
You think you almost hit me
You think you´re god or something?
You didn´t convince me at all
Not in a single moment
Live with this, I don´t trust ya
And I owe you nothing
You fooled me, didn´t you?
You offended me didn´t you?
You sold your self deffence didn´t you?
So man, ain´t of my business
Burn in your own words
Don´t take my time with silliness again
Won´t forgive and that´s it.

Kate Polladsky

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