Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Be calm, and don't be cold.
Please don't be gone...
Give us a little heaven in hell
Be sure that I'm doing my best
Our falling into pieces won't last
You're my only confort in love
And love, please survive through my words
You're so much better than those
I ain't gonna wait 'til you dream
To hold your hand or make a stand
Let go the lows and this pain
All we've been so far is not in vain
Don't misunderstand what I mean
You're the one my hopes live for
We could make it as good as before
Though now it feels as hard as it seems
But there is one thing I have to deal with
That keeps me down and I can't breathe
There is nothing I can do to fix us and see it brand new
But let's take a time
Though nothing in me denies

How much I love you.


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