Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fill it up with gas
I know you've done your best
But I gotta be on fire
Perhaps we're not there yet
And I count it per hips
It's all I want above my head
Face it as it's over
And keep it under cover
Now who can I be for you sir?
Stop the walk to talk
Go on to find your spot
Am I here for the damage or not?
Little girl will soon grow up
And she'll start the smell like pop
I don't like the candy look outside
But it's what the world supports
I'm not for judge, not for Jesus, not for Judas
I'm not for jackass, jokers and jerks
But I know what I got to know now
Am I here for the damage or not?
You may cross my way but stay away from the block
'Cause you know when I'm around I push it hard
Just a look in the eye, a sarcastic smile and I knock down
Lalalala Sing it loud, that I'm about to restart.

Kate Polladsky

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