Saturday, August 05, 2006

I´m losing hope
And that´s my comfort zone
I´m losing fear of losing
It´s lost all over my feelings
Leading to an empty scene
I´m sceptic and unusual
Unused and unworthy of myself
Or something in between
Sometimes i feel well
Or worst depending on where i begin
I´m hurt in the middle of existence
And try to recover its borders
Going to easy things
Every little thing that bothers
As if i could untie you from my living line
I let go like i have left a lot behind
And now miss less the rest
Resting my bones on the crest
Untill the day i fall
Back into my nest
Rebirth hopeful as iam
Hoping i´m not losing hope again
As if hopes and fears could last.

Kate Polladsky

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