Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Thanks for comin´down
For knowing all what i´ve passed through
Thanks for smiling and laughing
For singing so loud and trying to make feel good
Thanks for thanking me for something i didn´t do
Thanks for thinking twice before asking how i´ve been doing
Thanks for giving a hand and always wondering where i was going
Thanks for walking beside, besides following and taking me home
Thanks for the advices and the certainty you gave to them
Thanks for finding me hurt and looking after me since then
Thanks for the patience and your calm conscience
Thanks for the silence, for your exact science
And thanks for believing it
Thanks for teaching me to win ,
for being a dream, for seeing through me
Thanks for introducing me to the glory
For being the story
Not telling its plot instead.
Thanks for holding me tight
And complaining about all my complaints
Thanks for being my day by day, my monothony and my entertainment
Thanks for the marriage before engagement
Thanks for sharing your plans
Thanks for being my first choice, and the last.
Thanks for saying when i´m not good enough and denying you´re the best
Thanks for the " bless you" when i was sneezing
Thanks for your jokes, for bullshit and for teasing
Thanks for your grace and for praying
Thanks for running and for waiting
Thanks for sleeping and waking up
Thanks for helping to get me up
Thanks for the love and the rage
Thanks for the whole book, and its next page.

Marcela de M.D.®

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Zearoth K. said...

E este é o momento em que se propõe o brinde, não?

Leia isso para os seus amigos no seu aniversário ou no Natal, seja lá quando todos (ou maioria) estiverem presentes!