Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I´m not gonna name you, nameless feeling and horror.
It´s a threat that you can treat me like this.
I have said and I have claimed, once and again.
Not even hearing were you, anytime.
I guess it´s a fear, it´s solitude, it´s something between us.
And whoever we think we are, we´re this that can´t be easily analysed
Like a new fungus or virus or bacteria, a little monster growing on the inside.
Suddenly, I can write about, but not tell you what it is
It´s just that sometimes we´re apparently one, but separated
And I don´t have a clue of where to find you, or else I might have told you
Everything that I don´t know.
Let´s get along with our own nothings, and fill it up with our peculiar emptiness
So it shall become something, with at least one thing to start from
The nothing.

Kate Polladsky

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