Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More respect for the feelings i feel about you
Could it be any harder if you had just gone away?
Im open, and touchable
Don´t you keep on saying your mutant truth
That i believe, that i have trusted
That´s panic for now
Then iam stuck
Have a moment, but don´t you think too much
Maybe remember, just as deeply as you can go on your memories
I was always for you, from here- waiting.
I get to sleep, but just before i almost cry
I learned to laugh at you and the shits that you do
Just as it goes fading away.
You´re funny when you´re pissed and confused
You leave a bomb and disappear
I stare and that´s it...
You´re important and absent
Sometimes you make it right
And i feedback on you, don´t i?
I like you childish and familiar
Lovely-given, tough- if you convince it´s correct
I like you if you´re responsable with love.

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