Monday, October 16, 2006

What do we all come for in this moderated dream
The supreme addiction don´t let us live
It´s causing pain, and should we quit when we´re alone
The heaven is the mirror of hell but even then I pray
And I claim from into my shell
They won´t stress the cure
Cures abandon the wounds
As much as wind can´t pass the image of chaos
Faking the break, even if we´re down
Even if we hurt our knees
Where do we all come from in this motion
Degenerating feelings and honour
Where have we been since tomorrow
Claping for the shadows of god
Waiting for the bless of the one
Will never come
Will never wake us
Will never is the deadline
Why should it let us know
I sleep faintless
Replacing view for sounds
Quietly and aware
Of the never spoken ending.


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