Thursday, January 25, 2007

So quiet my life is
I´d rather dance my heart on your field
From the pieces love reduced me to
Til the pieces my love will help to build
And it smells like freedom
Laying on your lap for a life
Don´t bother the pain on my way
When there´re so many places we never been
So many flavours I want you to taste
And so much space in the house that I want you in
So don´t leave me expecting
Dont let me expect If Im not going to win
I simply have no reason to explain
Why was it so special the feeling that´s filling me
You don´t know me well
I dont know me all
There´s no way we´ll miss a thing
Even though I think we would
A bitter part with sweet cream
Love can be as bad as it can be good...


1 comment:

Victor said...

"Love can be as bad as it can be good..."
Nao precisa falar mais nada. :)