Thursday, May 10, 2007

°º°ºº°Four walls and glass balls º°°ºº°

Don´t trust yourself if you´re a product of the world you don´t trust
Justice is not equals to what is fair
And even if you believe in a lie, you must invest in a truth
Because your truth is their lie, and who will prove you´re right?
The wrong thing is that wrong is the right thing, and the same thing here differs
Nobody is waiting for you, on the other side
Nowhere land calls, emptyness is safe and you carry it all with silence
Breathing the same air as theirs makes you survive
Unless you´re dead and free
Unless your peace is sold for an identity
That is not your own
This priceless feeling that you´re not being right in the middle
This false impression of happiness
The fake screen in front of you
The groundless step you´re all about
The prize for being the one
They chose to be a victim
You´re so innocent
You´re so blamed
So alienated to the whole enviroment
You´re so lost in their hands
Thrown in the box with the other dolls
They gonna make you dance
And play with your chance
Of scaping sane and harmless, they´ll provocate
And test your spirit
After all the harmulf days.

Kate Polladsky

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