Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lady Mommy

She seems like living for someone else
Mom you must turn more into yourself
I didn´t wake up, she woke me up
I didn´t reply, she spoke for me
I didn´t forget but she reminded me
She´s a hero and my favourite pet
Funny when she´s sleepy
Falls asleep on the sofa
Must I drag her back to her bed?
Then she behaves like a child
Make faces, nods and funky sounds
She solving every problem,
She has no time, the gasoline is expensive
“Ask your father to pick you up,
I don’t shit money yet!”
Yeah, she’s pretty sensitive I guess…
No way she goes to the theater,
no way she rent movies with me,
no way she goes to the cinema
Mom likes handcraft, knitting and TV.
Lady mommy is a lovely creature anyhow
“I´m sorry?!” “You better!” “Don´t stress me out!”
But sometimes she´s a little bit too much, no doubt.
Mom, eu love tu, tu love me too? “Aha.”
I know...
But It´s me her favourite show.
Strong person, faces kings, and kongs.
Mom deserves to be in the Guiness,
In the bible, in heaven, in a song.
Takes care of the rich and the poor
Hates false people, liars and heartless ones too
She´s a walking encyclopedia
Of nature, just as curious as me.
Mom is one precious rock
The hard side and the soft
She would be enough if she was all I got
Incredibly special, you see.
Someone to love and live for
Truly, madly, deeply
I do so.

Kate Polladsky

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Me lo potrebbe scrivere, per favore?