Monday, June 04, 2007

Come and stay
We´ll burn your going together
The love remains
Even its not meant to be forever
If Im gone before you
Im taking the memories gladly
Ill trip on my fate
And send you lovin messages
Im down since ever
Fallen completely for you
Might not be strong from you
But no power could break my love in two
Except yourself
Of all the times I met hell
You only lost me to yourself
And the least I can do is be like this
Empty shell, til waves bring me better things
Or Take me away till better ways
I hope there´s someone else
I hope this is not the only chance I see
I expected to be the one you seek
Someone breaks apart and this is me
Someone wastes a heart, you, aren’t there for me
So no excuses to cover sorrows
No belongings I could borrow
I belong to the past
I groundless comfort where I rest
The first thing I remember is so far the last
So it never goes away
By you I was betrayed, by me Im betrayed
At some weak-hearted point we match…
So come, if you please stay…
Your going and I are burning together
The love remains..

Kate Polladsky

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