Friday, June 29, 2007

So cold when it´s inside´s calmness
And the lady on a boat, the lady in the garden
wears her prom dress
Asks about trying, hopes of dignity
Doubts of happiness

So simple as the never, and sometime´s troubles
Some birds fly free
Some never left the seat
Some pearls remain useless, brightless
Some pearls remain in the sea.

So imaginative as the growing child
and the adult´s lies
One wants to learn forever
Ones forgets one died

And then she runs along the grass and the road
Where the mothers pray
And the guns get loaded

Did he ever knew as a father he is
that he must stay around
And stay together for the sound
of a waking baby

When the morning rises from the night
And then again its called life
What we all carry, without caring.

Kate Polladsky

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