Saturday, June 23, 2007

I´m not perfect, but maybe a little piece of heaven
What am I good at? What am I good at?
Tells me to stay awake, and wait...Wait.
For Pete´s sake why don´t you love me?
Pete could do better than you
But I, I don´t think I would.

At this moment there´s just me
And the mess I made with my thoughts
There´s a screen and that´s the light
Darkness´ covering the hall
I can´t dream, I now dream
I only dream, guess that´s all.

You´re the only transparency I see...
Though I´m not sure if it´s you
Behind the wall...

-I´m pathetic, I was part of you one day-

And it´s okay, I got.
But I never understood
When it´s late I do
In time I fail
When it´s too late, it´s too complicated
In time, I complicate.

Did you ever noticed, 3:00 a.m or so...And I´m here.
Missing you, my excuse for me
Can´t sleep, my excuse for you.
Nowadays, I remember
And feel fool
Later I´ll remember
And I´ll feel fool.
´Cause I was always here
For you..

Kate Polladsky

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