Monday, July 30, 2007

I´m eating the last piece of yesterday´s cake
It does feeds me even though, it has no taste
And despite the harm it makes
I´m eating the rest of yesterday´s cake
For some reason
You are no end I´m over
At some point I think we´re laying closer
And I breath the same air as you
Though you are not so far the life I look for
Not so far the love I´m in love for
But a love that is hidden behind myself maybe
A joy that has become anguish lately
I better say what you better accept
Must I accept that myself
You are just a good memory
Because you are no future
And its not of my nature
To make it longer
But In a way
Not that it really makes me stronger
Some things do need to have a break
I still can´t help but
Keep a piece of yesterday´s cake

Kate Polladsky

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