Saturday, November 24, 2007

No surprises.
At times the most familiar are the ones who falls
And it seems to drag me down, the support of my life´s on the ground
Alone I´m this small. A tear, a silent pain
Almost sweet, almost so bitter
Almost accepted, a master piece almost done.

Also at times, I tend to carry the world
And the world tend to carry me away
And their world is broken over my head
It wouldn´t feel so heavy if there wasnt me so low
Impossible to make you happy my reason told me so
You´ll not hunger for my kind
Your kiss I fight for, is that your kiss good-bye

Do I pass in blanket, do I fill your lines
Do I fear your lovin´do I fit your size
What makes you think that I´m surprise
All of you is true
And all of this is gone, unconfortable to bring
Does it any of this makes sense, please note
No surprise as it seems.


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