Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Health and strength

My life knows where it stands

My heart no longer serves the pain

And I giggle as I´m sure all the hard days will pass

Take a look at me now

I´m happy and nobody knows how

I could give you fulltime happiness

If you need it I can make no press

We got a large field for freedom

With just bit higher jump up across the fence

Do not get born to be a gump

Life is not meant to be a dump

Such a bless, a million days´ chance

A feeling extends ´til tomorrow

And that´s the feeling of future

When I´m gonna succeed

And embrace the world with my own hands

You´ll see how far I go

I already see how far I´ve been

It´s all prepared for more

I´m heading up to the next scene!

Kate Polladsky

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