Monday, March 19, 2007

Bloody lover, aren´t you?
Good peace, good feeling, good road that leads to her skin
Feels fine to be loved, isn´t it?
Not gonna run to nowhere, not gonna trust your pain to a heartbreaker
Not gonna break the rules for one, not gonna exceed your lines for a waste
So now, you got paradise in your hands?
And she replies you with the words of an angel, she soothes you
She takes from you her life and suplies you with both yours and hers, aye?
Feel as a whole? Whole days and nights?
Allows the instincts to survive?
Shiny and new...
Great view huh? She´s like a breeze coming closer, the perfect colour you never painted your heart with... She´s yours... Yeah, she´s really yours.
She´s your step out of silence, the awake of a tiresome routine...
And what did it cost you this time?
Just giving up on your fears... Being this piece of art that no one seemed to notice
Yourself. That´s load enough for a lover to carry.
And it carries on... As the best thing that ever happened.
There you go, love remains strong and unique within your soul
And your heart now, it´s not just a brick on the road...

kate polladsky

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