Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mind on you
At this time
Late time for everything
To sink on you
This island me
When I sleep
I wake up for life
Don´t let me stand
Don´t make it true the lie
And so I´m free
I can walk around the empty house
Feel like I can think whatever
And hope to feel whatever I think
You disappeared
But remain as the dust of ever
I dream
I´ll be standing on the snow
Waiting for you to come out
It´s a surprise, so will you kiss me now?
I´ll be losing sense
I dont think I should
Expect something, or nothing
Dont say you love me
´Cause I love you too
My heart needs therapy
My head, a pillow to rest
The hopes and fears they´re over
And this part is the best.


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