Friday, February 29, 2008

I know you´d pretend to understand
To be the best front in front of me
But would you care of my roads
Me passing up the chances for fear
Giving up on myself like fake gold
Rising anger for the one she holds
Being polite - call her dear
Inside she lacks the room for real
I know you´ll act sweet and nice
You´ll mean something to me with time
Not an unusual thing to experience
I´ll seem to melt at you like ice
Convenience it´s the best way to go
Go alone or go along with
I´ll go out and enjoy
Passing by the outgoings
Im out, going on like a coy
But if you meet me, speak
Damn, you are too pretty to see
It´s getting my eyes tired and addicted
I´m just to afraid to predict it
That you don´t belong here
And I can´t follow your steps
And you´ll take long to be back
Or I´d rather think you had never been here
I´d like to read what you read
Compare the lines, line you in my life
It´s worth it starting from the colour of your eyes
Until my regular days are done
And they become better
An endless song will play
My loses will turn into gains
And I´ll have you as a weather
That never never rains.

Kate Polladsky

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