Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're probably on your way back to your hometown
Do you think of me as much as I do think of you now?
I caught myself in doubts, all the time
I´m afraid of yesterday´s darkness, today I´m working hard after some light
That you could be a little more joy in my life
That we´ll see where leads the time
But already crazy to meet you
Find out what I haven´t noticed before
When I was so distracted and glad
Not stuck in pain and hopes
I sit here and wait, invent reasons why you´re away
Not a line that you dropped to say
That you haven´t forgot me
And missed my funny way
Of speaking, of thinking of being
I´m nearly absolutely sure that I want you
As much as I just wanted to be alone one day
I got the same routine of always
You know my schedules, plans, names
With my heart on your hands
You can onboard it or leave it
I prefer that you keep it
Safe and warm across the waves

kate polladsky

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