Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It might have been just the sun
But was so clear
Paradise is the place far, the one by your side
Is all that life will hide away from your arms
But this time, it was so right
When destiny met time
I wonder where you´ve been
Maybe you were made for me
´Cause if it came by chance
Then it was meant to be...

My heart ain´t no stalker
It´s been just beating out of line
Nobody explains when heaven is lost in one´s eyes
Yours crossed the ocean, and simply led to mine
It´s marked and photographed
My hapiness is part of your skin
Of your hair in the wind
Of the talks and the smiles
It will go on until I´m there
Soon standing by your door
Here from the other side
It´s just sweet to remember
And live that all over again

In my thoughts you´re like the waves
Swings away my days inside a broken narrow boat
See, the island is coming closer
I try to meet your feelings while you stay
Now I´m just a wonder
All this happening and I´m not afraid
Suspicious and believer
That soon we´ll know where it takes
You and I, might be passionate stranges with a taste...

Kate Polladsky

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