Thursday, February 14, 2008

Specially disaster
It was all then it was nothing
The weather of the better world
The silly is the clever one
Give a second chance to the woman walk alone
Specially disaster
Church is chain, a pain killer for the sin
Hotter soil with all the cars in between
Your child is crying, mama
Loser, up your chin
Oh but it´s easier for the richer
Poor my cat that´s out of milk

There´s a heart and I heard
That is weaker than the hands
Building higher above our heads
Covering the view of the birds
It´s specially a disaster
That our house ain´t no home
All our saving are now gone
Your father taught you about life
And life took a way, father
That allows no return

While I sing, silent dreams
Are shapping tears in their eyes
Their angel are no guards
The open doors lead to wars
That we don´t know how to end
It´s when walls close in
And I unknown myself in me
Everyone knows heaven is cheap to buy
We call them crazy
And your mom just said good bye
Specially disaster
Cheers!One person every 2 seconds needlessly dies.

Kate Polladsky

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