Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I fear the future for further frames

Whenever it blows the wind from old days

Those days weren´t meant to age so fast

Now feelings fake the healing

Tired body moves on, still eyes face the ceiling

When am I supposed to be one

Where does it all leads to home

I don’t wanna know how much longer it will last

But I´m safe and I´m good at something

Just not enough to convince myself

That I´m getting there before my mind threats my heart

So patiently waiting, hopes borrowed my happiness

And then what, is this when we stop dreaming?

Don´t let me fade like the light before the thunder rises

I want to fight for freedom and not for prizes

It´s the price to pay

Someone who pays attention to the others

And feel like no one at all

But it has to change to a better place

Like a masterpiece taking place in the hall

It makes me face things closely

We all have the chance to shine

But we keep on trying to shine with ashes

Hoping it won´t get dark

God is growing bigger but is not getting stronger

It´s none of my business to wonder why

Just watch the crash

A round between the worst and the best

And to the ones who loses all

Let´s give it a fest


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