Saturday, May 10, 2008

A million perspectives of me goes...

The self:
I´m a manifestation of loneliness.
Not unhappy, nor completed.
Not a fill in the blanket, nor a share of blankets for life.
Iam just not found, or discovered, or not easy access.
Perhaps, easy target. But I don´t demand it consciously.
I prefer to be in between, and belong either to myself, and the genuine others. A p.s of illusion: Nothing is genuine anymore; only the struggle of it.

The inside life:
I´ve been thinking that this is a slow motion life, (If you look it from inside out of you and not the opposite, because from an outside view, life goes fast indeed), a life that I don´t complain about, but thanks for everyday. With the exception that there´re far too many days left for a change, and too much need of changing. The ones with fighter- spirits know, the ones of confort zones ignores and quit. I refuse to be the last one. But I don´t kill to be the first. To kill is not as harder as to be the first, therefore many people die trying to be the last.

The outside life:
Lately I´m a lot of fear and suspension. And a rather indignant person too. I´m less and less optimistic about the world, and If I once were, it´s because I´m always late to realise things in time: dark minds, souls, hearts. Whoever accept cruelty as neighbour, accepts reality, and has no fear of offering a cup of sugar for knowing what´s gonna be sweetened.

The ideal life:
Liberty. Because the liberty is the possibility.
And the possibility is the hope
The hope is the step forward
And that is living.

Kate Polladsky

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