Sunday, June 01, 2008

I´m looking for a heart, and a home

Looking forward that both are one

And I´m not just me, mess, meaninless me alone

Don´t want a projected life, a reproduced life, a copied life

But I want a lived life with leading signs of happiness

With some more people than I counted

With no leavings and aparts

Just a lover and a loved,

Nothing coming from Mars

Peaceful times that we amounted

Wanting the snow and my Santa Claus

Not this chorus on my everyday

Repeating days repeating days

When we cannot repeat life

We cannot repeat the times anyways

Willing to go but bringing my roots

Making my way

Dreaming if I may

My own ground under my foot

Our own sound to remember

To be ourselves the message not the senders

And make castles with the sand on the beach

Cross fingers, fate and feathers

Fall for the same tears and lie in the same ditch

Smooth the same bed and fly to the same world

Still be back for breakfast

And break no heart

Just stamp a mark

From life together, love.

Kate Polladsky

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