Monday, June 16, 2008

I´m great, it´s just a little bit of me
That dies every single day
It´s just a piece of me that slips away from here
I´m fine, just a few steps walking out of line
Or a chanson triste playing out of time
I´m a role of the sweetest kind
With story that some would mind
And I´d mind to forget
Every lonely other has got a match
I´m matching myself with someone I never met
Is this for real, really, it´s the best I can get
I´m super, lonely hoper or per minute smoker
Who makes no fire, who sets no flame on the man of her life
I´m good, better than the last time.
I´m on the worst side
Of this town, which for reasons they don’t understand
Brings me down
But still is warm and open
Like my heart, it grows older
And easies no pain
But I´m great, just noticed
It´s a little bit of you on my soaked ways
It´s break of me on your everyday
That dies or does no good
When it rains I sing
And seem to pass you by
As simple as it seems, a lullaby
I´m doing miracles on my own
Is my god left in stand by
Working hard on my comical judgment
Is loneliness a kind of entertainment
I just wanted to make it clear
That I´m not sad
Just not happy, you see
I´m great, I´m fine
Ironically a good way to sign

Kate Polladsky

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Luci said...

The way I feel these days. Tks.