Monday, June 23, 2008

I´m suspicious that I never knew you
I´m surprised that you never knew me
After all these years…
Of your music on my ears…
Wouldn´t make me dance a different dance
Wouldn´t embrace my soul to a sweeter song
Something I always expected from you
Isn´t something that would ever come true
But I´m a dreamer, you know
And as a dreamer I´m supposed to be disappointed
What I see is that we´re less than we ever wanted to be
I wanted to be free in your freedom
In which other way could you free me,
But locking me inside yourself?
I hope we´ll meet in some years from now
In the same house, in the same life
And maybe fall in love again, somehow
Because, it´s strange…
I fix your life and need fix on mine
Who´s there for me?
I´m not a fulltime raise
I´m not a fulltime shine
I raise up like the sun,
But go down on the line
Where my horizon sleeps
For a new day to start
Though I start to get tired…
And move my steps more slowly
If I don’t´ settle down with you
I´ll lay down on my own
Anywhere I belong
With my hurts and healings
Suspicious that I knew enough of you
Surprised, for knowing myself too.


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