Monday, June 09, 2008

Would it be a pure sense of crazyness
I want to drive against my worries and loneliness
Crash my confusions make things lose ground
To fake could work to feel could solve
Could I have any chances with the one I love
If only my life hadn´t so many lines
If only my world hadn´t so many lies
I´d lay around anywhere that moved me on
But for now, I´m turning into myself
Though Im always on the verge of yourself
It makes me wonder how many ways are gone
And how many times I thought I was done
Restarting like a loser, always like I´m older
But never leave my wannabe skin
Nothing really makes my head spin
I stick to my everyday smile
And you still belongs to my self steem
I like to say so
You still belong to my self steem


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