Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My mind hosts you endlessly but my heart; it flames hardly and then fades.

I strange the advantage on it

Thinking of you as if it hydrated me all but kills me of hunger.

I won't have you, not ever.

And so, I feel like I wasn't made to love again.

Has love made me empty in a sudden, so the pain has a place to fill?

It comes as a cuddle and delusion, for the reason of tying me all

Tighter as it should be, allow me to choke once again

And makes it lame to feels these feelings

Takes too much time, takes a lot of me, and takes me to nowhere. Really

Letting me aware I'm nothing or no one able to fight against

Except when the days overcome

Time has to be the only way to fix it

When my mind corrupts my heart

When I'm not in fire nor is it gone.


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