Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Silly heart, sober heart.
Seems to finally quiet down.
Go with the flow says the song
I may just close my eyes and move along
I may just forget it and let it go
Learning the hardest way
Tasting the bitter tastes
But it’s when I find myself amongst the waste
I paid the price many many times
Now I rest my bones and feel the vibe
Silly heart will have to wait
Sober heart will have to make
You got me there lost in the crowd
Dancing between the sweet and salt
Let the machines work it out
Better, it’s much better if it loud
I don’t really mind
At times I really gotta loose
But the engines inside myself
Won’t stop my moves
And I see tomorrow rising from my health
It is not just a matter of faith
But it’s fair enough to face
All the things I want, on my own pace.

Kate Polladsky

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