Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What is ?

I don´t know how to be happy. Easily I can find papers, books and all sorts of writings trying to sell the happiness in steps. Still, ain´t no happiness in recipes, paths, patterns.

But maybe it´s likely to find happiness in the words of a wise man, a wise woman, a child, like yours. Maybe, it´s not happiness you find, but it´s how not to be so miserable at least, and then meet happiness eventually. So that´s what I believe about happiness: events. The highs, for every low that you have. Because there is no perfection without the imperfection, and can it be so imperfect all the time, can it be so wrong and lost for ever? I don´t think so.

There can be happiness in the small things, which uses to last longer than the hapinnes in the great things you dream and once it´s conquered, fades. As fast as you once dreamed of them.
Happiness is such a realtive thing that shouldn´t have writers working on it, trying to make it a science. Simply because happiness grows up with your own needs, and I don´t need to be happy like you just like you don´t have to need the same things as I do. It´s a fair trade. No contest.

So if I´m happy? I´ll know when I need to be happier...

Kate Polladsky

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