Friday, December 07, 2007

I´m buying snow at
To slip my way and make things keep moving on
You break the bones in my heart
You make me feel like a child
You make me melt and so on
I heard you like things to last
You know I´ll work on it so fast
Guess what I´m capable for love
Freeze you by my side forever and after I´m gone
I made sugar-free juice this morning
You complain about your weight
But your words are heavy, it sounds so funny
You never sit by the piano while I play
You don´t listen to me and nor the tunes I made
Tonight I slept in the sofa and you didn´t come
A bigger bed was just as good as it takes
I thought I had a love, but my lady love is not a -have to be-
Please forget, or remember, please whatever, will you call me
I spent all the money on the streets
At the groceries store I found something to give
What flavour is your favourite
I left it there, no reasons to bring
The chair I had to fix broke at once
I must tell you this
Ordinary life, you don´t give a damn at the simple things hon
I feel like in prison, maybe Im in prison
But you never visit me
I carry you home when you drink too much
Your friends forget your name and recognize your fency jeans
What´s good enough for you
Maybe I overlept and couldn´t reach your dreams
I´m buying a trip away from your house though
It´s even cute, roof is falling and your garden´s passing out

But I can´t take when it´s too cold, I get so nervous
Means that you´re around
Being kind and sweet´s not what you´re about
I still love you, really, I dont lie about lost causes
Your branded smell, your shoes when you walk, the funky noises
I woke up today, and thought if you had too
Should be a bad sign, I die of love for you
Got a new job, It´s a surprise Im working on
Totally trained to have a try
And oh!
Saw fruits to sell in a season they dont belong
Do you like puppies, I like puppies
Only the ones that never grow
I wear green on sundays
No, no that you wouldn´t know
But It doesnt matter
Doesnt matter how long it takes
You don´t know you want me
I know you want me
We are soul-mates


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