Saturday, December 08, 2007

I miss your past
But you lost it. Lost it so fast
I don´t hate you
But cannot love you more than this
Is when I remember who you were
And forget now how it is
I have us two well kept
And at night I tuck you in
You´re not there but I make believe
You´d be surprised I never slept
Just the way I did before we met
Now I dream awake not when I´m asleep
You´re so different and so cold
I wish I could scan your thoughts and project
Maybe you could scan my feelings and laugh
You´re not used to love, you´re not used to myself
I´m used to love you and this lack of health
Back in that day, it was green and ours
I finally had something, more than the others
But what your needs takes they take me far
Because I don´t follow these things
Things you win and it´s fake, things you lose and it´s fine
I have been talking to god
I have been down to earth
I have belonged to someone I deserve
I´m not that kind to be left
And not the best to be hurt
Even enjoy when you speak
Until you it´s takes a fine shut
I´ve been after impossibilities
That ends up possible to blow
I´m thinking that we can be free
You are already for self will
Just I who never were
Not for sure, but for love.

Kate Polladsky

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