Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good bye disco.
Rays, colours, noise, freaks, dance.
The night and the weaks.
Anestesy and headache.
The thoughts and the hearthache.
Kids move as fast as my world stops.
And I can't feel my steps into that lot.
Bodies, buddies and bunnies.
They all know who they are.
Oh they are everything they want for a night.
Life is not dark all the week along
Waiting for another Saturday light
I don't know what for.
If tomorrow wakes up outside that door.
He grabs me but it's not my kiss.
She stares at me but it's not my bliss.
The roof is the sky and I won't gaze it again
Go cool. Go crazy.
That's such a crazy lie.
Good bye disco.
Good bye.

Kate Polladsky.

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