Thursday, July 10, 2008

I´ve been caught up in a wave
Crashing feeling and the way I behave
They spoke senseless words in your ears
And look what we were reduced to, after all these years

I feel tired and indifferent
All these things they make no difference
So I´ll leave my heart in the ocean
And my feet on the rocks
Because I´m the breeze in motion
And the sunset on the spots

When I´m high and free
the world is the water under me
And If I´m knocked down
It´s still just here and now

I´m going to where the wave bends
That´s where my life starts
That´s where my problems end
My heart no talking mends
I´m going to where the wave bends

My presence´s a matter of trust
I´m a one free man that no love will rust
The dust of it all perhaps the wind sends
So I´m just goin´to where the wave bends

Kate Polladsky

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