Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Once in a while I feil
But hardly ever I take it
Once in a while I demand
But hardly ever accept it
Sometimes I make it
Sometimes I fake it
What you see is what you get
Unless you´re blind like me
Or blind like that
To trade the ones you know
For the ones you met
I´m normally breakable
But daily Im stronger
For me no heart is avaible
And no joy lasts longer
Once in a while I fall
But I hardly ever kneel
Once in a while Im hurt
But I hardly ever feel
Sometimes I try
Sometimes I let go
Sometimes I rush my life
But now I make it slow
Then maybe I know what I seen
And maybe it was between and between
There are times I force the pace
And times I lose my place
So there are times I run
And times I wait
People with whom I get along
And others for whom is too late…

Kate Polladsky

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