Monday, July 07, 2008

There is no transformation
Or self resignation
That could mend my heart
Or stop us from setting apart
Every single piece of who Iam
When I´m with you
The world is still happening
And what is happening to me?
I still don´t fear the results
I still don´t get the insults
That comes out of myself
But oh, I feel a little death
As if it was part of my health
I gain no benefits
But sleeping through my life
And skipping up to the part
When I just lay
And let love be lame
Or not so far from it
A distance between the failure and the future
I walk out of it no more
With my bare foot on the tightrope
I´d rather just fall
And force the end
Like I do when the rope bends
I´m happily groundeless
The ground catches me when I fall
And that´s the further I ´ve been
By carrying love with me around
How does it sound?
Im a one player team
and you´re playing hard against me
That´s what we´re all about
I love you simply
You leave me simply
That´s love, no doubt.

Kate Polladsky

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