Thursday, July 09, 2009

You're all I keep lookin' at
While I'm lost between empty streets and empty home
From fine to better, yeah love...I'm moving on
But yesterday, it was a common bad of mine
By thinking too much of you, there're things I realise
I'll come back the same
Old feelings, old love, old everything
It won't change until...
Well, I prayed last night, love
I gave all of myself on a bet to god
Maybe he could save me from you
He would have said I must abstract and react
I'm through the phase of confusion
I can differ now catchable and illusion
Though I know I treated you good
Guess I'm out, this is it
It was never something, but this is it
Ain't gonna hold my steps around your shoes
I see teh dust coming down...
And I'm happy because I'm about
To forget you... To let you go.


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