Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Curious. Not noisy.
Better than my mood, only my sarcasm
Better than my sarcasm, only my love.
Responsible and generous. Ohhh
Help whoever is lost. I am a tourist guide or charitable?
I believe in people, not in humanity.
I believe and trust in God. But I am not going to church on Sundays, I have not read the bible and nor the content for the exam of next week.
Can´t stand arrogant people nor pervert creatures who truly believe that they can give me great pleasure via clables of optic fiber. Oh sexy machines!
I flyl for free, and is not promoting GOL airlines. It´s just pure distraction of mine. Or aspiration to philosopher, my flying mind nobody understand, therefore I always fly alone.
I have no idea of what the illuminists had in mind, nor would they have any idea of what's in mine.
I am homely, not as much as the guava sweet cooked by my grandmother, but I am. Although I may one day become a "homephobic," not to confuse with ... Homophobic.
Do not smoke, drink or......... have a hangover.
Fall in love in two seconds may not get over it in two years.
I can not keep anger, rage, hate against someone.
But may the “someone” know that I keep sorrow.
I trust only once.
It is enough for whom deserves confidence, and for whom doesn´t merits it too.
In addition, lack of consideration is what hurt me most.
I prefer the night, the end of the afternoon, the green, black and yellow.
I open the refrigerator to think, and end up eating.
Family. Big and united if it was possible. If possible is.
Three dogs, one from each race. Not the human race...
I have many friends. And a few FRIENDS.
I cannot cook much, but the little I do feeds and it´s tasty
I am not talking about cooking tuna in cans!
I prefer to quit and ask for help, rather than waste time on something that I do not know how to solve.
I hope, but don´t expect. The first hurts less in short terms.
Happiness is a matter of moment. The happiest moment of my life was 2005.
I do not like to share problems and sadness
I am not pessimistic or optimistic. I´m a relative person. Depends on...
I like mountains, green fields, trees, parks, beach at the end of the afternoon; açaí, pitomba, guava juice, lemon, orange, mango ..
And hate urban heat.
I am afraid of capitalist greed, global warming and the Middle East.
I am afraid of dying alone, and losing the ones I love.
And I´m afraid of not getting the think I dream of
I know very little of almost everything and recognize a bit of almost everything.
Easily get myself confused and easily learn
Do not face everybody in the eye because Im suspicious, but in doubt I smile.
Hate phone ringing, and if I can avoid it ...
Rarely get calls, and the ones I get are mostly academic.
Best consumer of caffeine! Cappuccino, coffee, tea, Coca Cola, Pepsi...
Passion for music, musical instruments, internet, books, Europe, south of Brazil and foreign language.
Love and disappointments
Somewhat lonely
And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, ballroomdance only

Kate Polladsky

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