Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There´s a road that I can´t hit

And a girl that I cant meet

There a life I aint lived

And a sign I didnt see

Once I was lonely and lost

Im still lost lonely and confused

But though my heart is empty still

It´s just fine and in current use

There´s a promisse I made to myself

One of many I couldn´t keep

Im still running out of reach

Willing blindly to keep the speed

There´s that person that advises me

Another one that always surprises me

A special one Im waiting for

Know her to live her

Leave her to know her

I chose to stay with the one before

Havent been able to cry

Because of this crappy music on

Helps to survive

That guy, he´s crazy

We sat on the sand and planned life in details

That´s nothing, that´s what amazes me

Family, they´re always right

Im often pissed off

But no no no they´re nice

Mother, she´s a pearl

Like a breeze that cools me down, so soft.

One big surprise will come

My tickets to the world

Then comes tiredness

My tickets back home

Please forgive me lady

Im one fool, full of love

Want to learn things at once

I may be far, I may be found dead or in silence

With no purpose Im maybe gone

To that place where people dance

And join our souls into one problem

Loud brilliant trance

Just share the view and forget it all

Haha! I´m a freaking happy doll

Kate Polladsky

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