Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now that I have nothing else to lose.
Losing time with you doesn’t seem so right.
May I leave part of us hanging by itself and another part of it behind?
Just because it’s senseless and silent, to continue with this mess.
Here inside I wish I could stay, and take a chance to be the entire me with you.
Now it´s just the shadow from yesterday. But it always were by nature.
I try to see with your eyes and I really try to light up my view.
But I’d rather have it all blind, than live forever a blurry deal.
You can just have my skin, can provocate me, but never touch me.
You can change my places, make my laces, but no longer move me.
You can this powerful thing of being my love, but can’t this powerful right of a lover.
I left a mark, but does it stay as an old thing, useless and meaningless anyways?
Do I listen to words that doesn’t listen to me anymore?
Hey, you´re my certain step over the days, but you’re one more day in my life, no more.
And now! I must choose between losing myself, and losing you. Differently, but almost like losing the same. Separately, but almost like losing one body.
That doesn’t match, and doesn’t sweat the same kind of love.
Have I got something else to lose? Except for the loss of the nothing, we are? And this lie that wannabe true? Some other story that I wanna tell for myself, without a thing to prove. Stopping is not a mistake. It is just that now; I have nothing else to lose.


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