Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Your heart is a Ward Hunt
Ice cold land
Where I lay my losses
Where I beg forgiveness
Your capture, your chapter
Yours completely,frozen
A crack in the middle
A nameless feeling
Your heart is a Ward Hunt
It giggles, giggles
At my pain
What a mockery
Such a poverty, love is
Wide and plain
Emptiness filled with void
If you can´t see it, you must plan it
At least to avoid it
To scape or to fight against
Love will yield your ground
The sunlight scratching the iceberg
Will pleade you guilty
And leave you weeping
Until you wake up suddenly
At the lost and founds
My love is a Ward Hunt
For an instant
Maybe a fever
It´s not clever
But, a stunt
Love is nothing
But a Ward Hunt

Kate Polladsky

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