Monday, November 10, 2008

Now I’m free. I may be locked inside myself, but I’m free.
Not a bird, not a space to fill in, not a time to waste.
I’m free from my past. Then again, it feels like a new taste.
No, I haven’t got new arms to laze on.
No I haven’t got different lips to run for.
I just got my heart back. And it’s all I needed.
I just got my sanity back. And it’s all I missed.
I’m thrown back into the darkness.
And yes, it scares me. I’m lost and lonesome.
But I’m mine. And my spirit is lighter.
I don’t feel like a loser. Nor like a fighter.
It is none of my business anymore
To measure my love or pick you up in the storm
It’s even senseless to think about before
As something so kind, so big, so true.
Now I’m free to ignore and make things work out.
Looking forward to see a new horizon.
To light my way with a brighter sun
And now that I’m free, darling
I got half way gone.


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